I Marmi di Lo Cicero, a leading company in marble processing, offers a wide range of marble colours, perfect for customising fire surrounds, kitchen worktops, marble flooring and much more.


Say goodbye to the usual colours! Flip through our catalogue and discover the endless shades that will make your home truly unique.


Delicate pastel shades of marble and granite, perfect for harmonising and adding a touch of sophistication to any setting.


You can find classical solutions that will surely make an impression as well as new and original ideas.

If you love to be daring, the Red Verona Marble and Persian Red Travertine will surely tempt you.

They will add an atmosphere of charm and elegance to your home.



In our workshop we produce custom designs to suit any requirement.

I Marmi di Lo Cicero: quality, professionalism and courtesy from many years of serving our customers.


Marble, granite and quartzite for refined and unique creations.

The different shades and tones of blue marble and granite are perfect for customising internal and external cladding, such as for kitchens and bathrooms.


With an excellent resistance, they create a unique atmosphere for the entire room

Blue marble creations


Able to blend into any environment, our shades of grey are classic and highly-effective solutions.

Grey is more commonly used for wall cladding and for flooring. It blends into any environment, adding an atmosphere of simplicity and elegance

Grey marble creations
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